• Flexijet Stairbox - The new electronic step measurement system - For rapid and accurate recording of steps and stairways
  • Flexijet 3D - Mobile 3D measurement system - Measure CAD-drawing accurately on-site and project
  • Flexijet FACE - Mobile 3D measurement system for facades - The FlexiCAD-interface for total stations
  • Flexijet ROOM - Building elements from a symbol library - For fast and accurate measurements of rooms and whole floors
  • Flexijet 4REVIT - Mobile BIM measuring system - Measuring and modeling as an integral part of REVIT product range
  • Flexijet 4ARCHITECTS - Mobile BIM measurement system - Measuring, drawing and modeling directly in ArchiCAD
  • Flexijet PAD - Flexijet with intuitive touch-interface - Measure surfaces, rooms and more easily & accurately
  • Flexijet Stairbox
    Electronic step measurement system
  • Flexijet 3D
    The original with our FlexiCAD-software
  • Flexijet FACE
    Our solution for facades
  • Flexijet ROOM
    PAD-based software with symbol library
  • Flexijet 4REVIT
    Measuring and modeling in REVIT
  • Flexijet 4ARCHITECTS
    The interface to ARCHICAD
  • Flexijet PAD
    Intuitive touch-control for 2D measurements
The Flexijet products are all based on the same measurement hardware and so it is possible to upgrade among themselves (except Flexijet Stairbox & Flexijet FACE).

Create digital CAD-measurements in no time at all!

An optimal measurement creation for first-time user, allrounders or specialists – measure and draw in one working step!

With the Flexijet product family everybody is able to create fast, efficient and cost-saving measurements. There are varied applications of all Flexijet products and the users are many different branches – one single solution for various branches & industries.

Don´t worry about faulty or inaccurate measurements. You don´t have to note anything – you will get directly the result on your display of what you have measured. Flexijet is easy to handle at any place. No tools like scaffold or ladder are necessary anymore. Measure even furnished rooms without moving the furnishments.

You measure curves, archs and less angulated constructions with a fast and precise method. Simultaneously, Flexijet acts as a laser-pointer to simplify installation work.

21. November 2014
Unser Partner Mr. Emre von 3D Laser Measurement aus NY, welcher sich auf den Verkauf und die Dienstleistung im Raum voin New York und New Jersey spezialisiert hat betreibt auch einen Facebook-Seite. Es ist interessant zu sehen wie "krumm und aus dem Winkel" manche Lofts und Wohnungen in New Yorker Hochhäusern sind. Also: folgt ihm :-)https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-xap1/v/t1.0-1/p100x100/1560718_239464166223183_1923246507_n.jpg?oh=c37f9c730aa6075bdcfd2cda89694ea6&oe=5517EB0B&__gda__=1428143273_0ea1b832092a97b4694c0c89b6b83877

3D Laser Measurement

3D Laser Measurement is a step above other measuring services because we use the precise and automatic measuring technology of a computer-assisted laser device called Flexijet.Say goodbye to second and third visits to get missed measurements! No need to spend hours entering data and manipulating templates – Flexijet provides you with a 3D model that you can easily import into a number of common CAD formats, including SketchUp, Autodesk Revit, and ArchiCAD, as soon as the measuring is done! Go from measuring to photo-quality renderings, virtual walkthroughs, and 3D models and projections in as little as a day!Would you like to see this amazing technology in action? Call or write to get on the guest list for a free demonstration. We can’t wait to show you how easily and quickly Flexijet works, and to tell you how much less it costs than you might expect.info@3dlasermeasurement.com 516-359 7159