Introduction to Flexijet GmbH

Introduction to Flexijet GmbH


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A simple idea became a concrete project back in 2007. The idea to combine three-dimensional measurement and drawing into just one work-step while being on the actual construction site.

Christian Rösch, Managing Director of Techni-Soft GmbH in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany together with his former partner, developed a trend-setting CAD measuring system for planning, craftsmanship and architecture: the Flexijet 3D.

Innovative thought and action provides the fertile soil for technological advancement. A publication of the trade magazine “BM” in 2010 announced Flexijet as the best measuring system on the market. Thereafter, in April 2011, an independent jury under the chairmanship of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology awarded the Flexijet 3D, the Federal Innovation Prize in Gold.

Flexijet GmbH was founded in May 2011 as a result of the successful technical and economic development of the Flexijet 3D measuring system. While the Techni-Soft GmbH acts as the manufacturer of the Flexijet hardware and software, Flexijet GmbH Managing Director Daniel Frisch now inspires a competent, international dealer network for the Flexijet product range and organizes the worldwide distribution of the various Flexijet measurement systems, as well as the support of international customers.

In April 2014, both companies – Techni-Soft GmbH and Flexijet GmbH – merged to form the “new” Flexijet GmbH and have become a constant guarantor for innovation as well as production, sales and further development of the Flexijet measuring systems.

Emerging from a joint development cooperation with the Swabian measuring technology specialist, Nedo GmbH & Co. KG, Flexijet GmbH was presenting the second generation of the Flexijet 3D measuring system at the Ligna trade fair in Hanover in May 2017.

Consistent focus on improvement and an open ear for the ideas and aspirations of our customers led to a completely newly developed 3D measuring hardware. It has been technically, ergonomically and optically completely “rethought” to provide an even more efficient measurement tool.

The redesigned Flexijet 3D “next generation” design received the Red Dot Design Award in 2018.

With more than 2,250 measuring systems and over 4,500 software installations on the market (as of Q3-2021), Flexijet GmbH today supplies it’s measuring solutions around the world.

The flexible, fast and precise 3D laser measurement has become an indispensable help for many users. Especially for projects that involve the planning and building of existing buildings.  Even those customers with more than 15,000 measurements per month trust in the reliability and precision of Flexijet. The Flexijet measuring idea is the answer to questions such as; user-friendliness, time efficiency, cost-effectiveness and a reliable overall solution for the measurement process.