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The New Generation of Digital Measuring Technology.

Presentation "The New Generation"the Application Video

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The New Generation of Digital Measuring Technology.

Presentation "The New Generation"the Application Video

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Precise CAD measurement, designed for maximum efficiency.

Record and project millimeter-accurate CAD drawings with exact angles and curves on site


zum Auslösen der Messung


7 Zoll Touchdisplay


Kameraaktivierung und Zoom


Vertikale Dreheinheit mit
zur optischen Zielwahl und Bilddokumentation

Stabile WLAN-Verbindung
zur Datenübertragung zwischen Messgerät und PC

In beiden Achsen 360° schwenkbar
Messen in allen Dimensionen,
ohne „toten Winkel“


leicht zu tragen, sicher im Stand

With Flexijet 3D, literally everyone can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively take measurements and assess dimensions accurately to the millimeter precise, and insert the data directly into CAD. Whether you are a beginner, an all-rounder or a CAD specialist, with Flexijet 3D you benefit from the principle of “measurement drawing”, which offers you a multitude of advantages over conventional measuring techniques and point clouds from laser scanners.

Inaccurate measurements or transposed digits are a thing of the past. You do not need to make notes of measurements because you can see what you’re measuring right away on the display. The possibility to include photos and audio notes in the measurement drawing offers you integrated documentation on site. You can easily work in difficult locations without scaffolding, ladders or other helpers.

Measure furnished rooms without having to move irritating furniture. Roundings, arches and non-angular components can be detected quickly and precisely. Thanks to the projection function, you can also use Flexijet as an assembly aid. The application possibilities of the Flexijet 3D are just as versatile as the users who use this revolutionary laser measuring system.



devices worldwide

75 %

time savings

up to

600 %

efficiency gain

more than

0.9 mm

3D precision (at 10 m distance)

Features that make Flexijet 3D unique

Measurement drawing

– instead of scanning

In contrast to other measuring systems, Flexijet 3D does not provide a confusing cloud of points. Instead, the measuring points are directly linked to meaningful arrangements using CAD drawing commands. The finished CAD drawing is produced during on-site measurement, without lengthy post-processing, as is necessary with point clouds.
In the process, “measured” elements such as walls, doors, arches or entire room situations are created as precise three-dimensional CAD drawings on site, during which measurements are taken.

Before leaving the construction site, check the finished CAD model by comparing it with reality and make sure that all dimensions relevant to planning have been recorded.

Rapid Site Measurement

– Wall contours of a room are quickly documented

A three-dimensional space is created in the measuring software. With only a few measuring points, exactly two points per wall surface and one point each on the floor and ceiling.
For this purpose, it is not necessary to set the measuring points in the room corners.  The software automatically cuts the straight line of a wall off as it reaches the extended straight line of the adjoining wall. All angles of the walls connecting to each other are accurately detected during the swift site measurement.
The rooms can be completed as required by measuring other room elements, such as roof slopes, doors, windows, and also the insertion of installation symbols for various media.

Change of location

– Take measurements without limitations

Flexijet 3D offers the change of location for situations where it is not possible to record all measuring points required for the measurement process from one location or if you required to also capture adjacent rooms in the same drawing.
Based on two reference points, which can be reached from both locations, the Flexijet 3D can be reoriented and the measurement process can be continued.
Whole floors or buildings can thus be easily captured in a single CAD drawing.

Rear projection of CAD points from the planning

– installation efficiency with the Flexijet 3D

Thanks to the laser-accurate measurement, Flexijet users produce precision fitting components which only need to be mounted on site. With Flexijet 3D, the on-site assembly can once again be significantly accelerated using the rear projection of CAD points from the planning program.

To accomplish this, the three-dimensional CAD data from the planning software is imported into the FlexiCAD measurement software. Flexijet 3D can be referenced based on existing reference points to a previous measurement location.

Now, planned drilling and mounting points can be automatically approached and displayed by the Flexijet 3D laser. Elaborate soldering or calibration is eliminated completely.

Automatic Series of Measurements

– Detection of contour progressions as if by magic

After defining a starting point, the direction and the desired point distance, Flexijet 3D automatically measures the course of the wall. The automatic measurement series includes horizontal, vertical and free measurement series along any path.

With the vertical series of measurement you can for example measure boat hulls fully automatically.

Horizontal measurement series can be used, for example, to determine the curved course of walls.

Surface Scan

– detect unevenness of surfaces automatically

By drawing or measuring any closed contour and then superimposing a hatching, the “surface scan” command can automatically measure all intersecting points of the hatching.

The different heights are indicated in color. This makes it easy to see in the FlexiCAD measurement software how uneven a surface is.

The Flexijet 3D hardware

Well thought-out from A to Z – awarded in the Red Dot Design Award 2018

The ergonomic measuring hardware of the Flexijet 3D laser measuring system integrates all electronic, optical and mechanical components in one and was distinguished with the globally recognized Red Dot Design Award.

At its core, Flexijet 3D is based on a laser distance meter, which in combination with the rotary / swivel unit detects exact coordinates and transfers them to the system’s own 3D measuring software “FlexiCAD”. The 7-inch touch display allows the selection of CAD drawing commands and software functions directly on the measuring device, without having to switch to the measurement computer.

The measuring system is ready to use in a few simple steps. The Flexijet measuring hardware independently provides a WLAN in order to establish the direct connection to the FlexiCAD measurement software. Even cumbersome alignment of the tripod using the level indicators is superfluous with Flexijet 3D. The integrated tilt sensor ensures that you can start with your measurements immediately.

An essential feature of Flexijet 3D is that it can be operated both manually and remotely. The rear projection and the approach of points is performed by powerful and highly dynamic motor coordination.
Measurements can be triggered by a touch sensor on the housing, by remote control or by pressing a button in the FlexiCAD software.

In addition to the image documentation, the 5 megapixel camera allows the optical target selection by crosshairs in the live picture of the camera. This allows the measurement capture even in strong sunlight when the laser spot is no longer recognizable with the human eye.

If the device is bumped or moved during a measurement situation, an integrated shock sensor will register it and reports it immediately to the device and to the measuring software. The Flexijet 3D can be re-aligned in the drawing by re-measuring already known points and the measurement can be continued seamlessly.

The average battery life is about 8 hours, depending on the motor usage. On the display of the Flexijet as well as in the software you will see the remaining capacity.  A recharge of the battery during operation is possible at any time.


The Flexijet Smart Remote App

Remote control and photo documentation in the measurement via smartphone

Remote control and
photo documentation
in the measurement
via smartphone

The users of Flexijet 3D

FLEXIbel in action – rationalization and efficiency increase in the measurement process for the most diverse users

Scope of delivery

Flexijet 3D measuring device with

  • 7 inch touch display
  • Laser measurement unit
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • Highly dynamic motor technology
  • Tilt sensor
  • Shock Sensor
  • WLAN integrated
  • Powerful Li-ion battery
    (airworthy, < 100 Wh)

high quality Carbon Tripod

  • stepless height adjustable
  • with transport bag

high quality transport case with

  • PC work table on Aluminum tripod
  • Notebook case
  • Accessory compartments


  • Remote Control
  • Charger
  • Laser glasses
  • Measurement points
  • Aluminum auxiliary angle

FlexiCAD measurement software

1 workplace license

Laptop or tablet PC are not included.