Mobile 3D Measuring System for Facades

The tachymeter solution with the FlexiCAD measurement software

Flexijet FACE is a mobile measuring system aimed at all those users who regularly need to make measurements of facades and expansive outdoor structures.

The measuring system is characterized by enormous flexibility in the field of application and the easy-to-learn operation. Years of experience and the advantages provided by our proven measuring system Flexijet 3D were imported together with Flexijet FACE to form a single tool for creating facade measurements.

Other than by our Flexijet 3D measuring hardware, the Flexijet FACE has a tachymeter interface that has been added to the proven FlexiCAD measurement software, which enables the connection of various tachymeter models from various manufacturers.

In this way, users with Flexijet FACE benefit from the Flexijet principle – “measurement drawing” – i.e. simultaneous measurement and drawing directly into CAD, especially at long distances and regular measuring distances greater than 50 meters.

For example, users from the hall or façade construction industry (metal, glass, stone) and anyone who requires large-area precision measurments can work much more efficiently with Flexijet FACE.

The FlexiCAD measurement software

The CAD for on-site measurement and an interface direct to your planning software

The FlexiCAD measurement software provides a logical and intuitive user interface. CAD-experienced users find their way around immediately and even beginners are at home within a short period of time.

The task of the software is the creation of an efficient and practice-oriented CAD measurement directly on the construction site in. Numerous functions are specially optimized for measurement and offer maximum efficiency. With each dimension taken, you can see how your measurement drawing is completed and thus ensure that all planning-relevant measurements have been taken before leaving the construction site.

Through a variety of export interfaces, the data can be transferred directly to your CAD software. Parallel to this, some planning programs support a direct integration of the Flexijet hardware.

Some features of the FlexiCAD software:

  • intuitive user guidance through wizards
  • Touch mode for easy operation on tablet PCs with touch operation (Windows)
  • Pole tracking, snap and raster functions
  • freely definable dimensioning styles
  • Layer-based floor and room management for a better overview
  • Symbol libraries with electrical, kitchen and sanitary symbols
  • Surveying hard-to-reach points (such as hidden walls)
  • Soldering points and transmitting heights (for example, meter levels)
  • Importing AutoCAD blocks
  • optional interface direct to the CNC machine

The Flexijet FACE measuring hardware

Leica Builder 509

Construction tachymeter

With the “Flagship” of the Leica Builder series, you pick up all the relevant points of a facade.

The builder automatically transmits the measured points wirelessly via Bluetooth to the FlexiCAD measurement software on your computer.

Other supported Tachymeter:

  • Leica iCON iCB50 / iCB70
  • Leica Builder 500 series
  • Leica Builder R100M
  • Leica TCR110C
  • Leica TC302, TC303, TC305, TC307
  • Leica TCR302, TCR303, TCR305, TCR307
  • Leica TC403, TC405, TC407, TC410
  • Leica TCR403, TCR405, TCR407, TCR410
  • Leica TCR403power, TCR405power, TCR407power
  • Leica TC702, TC703, TC705
  • Leica TCR702, TCR703, TCR705
  • Leica TC(R)702 auto, TC(R)703 auto, TC(R)705 auto
  • Leica TPS110C/300/400/700 series
  • Leica FlexLine TS06, TS06, TS09
  • Geomax Zoom20
  • Geomax Zoom30
  • Geofennel FTD 05
  • Spectra Precision FOCUS 6
  • Spectra Precision FOCUS 8