Flexijet FACE is built for anyone needing to measure precisely and efficiently outdoors and at longer distances. Decades of experience and user benefits of our proven Flexijet 3D measurement system have been built into to a tool for measuring extensive structures with Flexijet FACE.

3D measurement even over large distances

direkt auf der Baustelle in eine vollständige CAD-Zeichnung

Concrete facade measurement

With Flexijet FACE, I measure complete site data directly into CAD from one position, and at distances up to 500 meters.

Konrad Schwegler, measurement technician, Flexijet GmbH

Flexijet FACE is characterized by its simple operation and flexible use. The system consists of the innovative Flexijet FACE 3D surveying software and the Leica iCON iCB50 building total station connected via Bluetooth.

Flexijet FACE offers fast and precise measurement creation through its “measurement drawing” principle. Curves or curved shapes, complex and angled geometries – no problem!

Each measured point is immediately transferred to the measurement software to create a CAD drawing. See your measurement being created in real-time with each point measured. By comparing the drawing with the actual jobsite, you always have visual certainty and security of having captured all relevant dimensions of your project.

The laser of the total station also allows for CAD-to-Field projection, i.e. the projection of points from your CAD drawing to the jobsite.

Thanks to efficient and exact CAD measurement drawings and field projection, work can become significantly more efficient, economical and sustainable.

Staircase CCH measurement

The advantages at a glance

Single-person operation

Millimeter-accurate 3D measurement of shapes, geometries, & complex objects

Precise and real-time measurement of all angles

Eliminate missed measurements and transposition errors

Pictures & voice notes in the measurement drawing, for seamless measurement documentation via the camera / microphone of your measurement tablet

Real-time CAD control, while on site

Accurately and efficiently reposition for seamless continuous measurements

Area and size calculations after measuring the relevant points

Simple transfer of the measurement to CAD/BIM programs

Flexijet FACE CAD-to-Field projection

CAD-to-Field projection

of points for layouts, drilling, and assembly locations

Use the visible laser point of the total station to, for example, transfer elevation points around a building. Or, project drilling and assembly points from your CAD or BIM models directly to the construction site.

The Flexijet FACE 3D software gives aiming instructions via the ‘Show CAD-Point’ function to aim the laser point precisely at the position of the point selected in the software.

The Flexijet FACE 3D measurement software

CAD for on-site measurement and an interface direct to your planning software

Flexijet FACE software on tablet with measurement drawing

Don‘t just measure points, measuredraw directly into CAD while on the jobsite with Flexijet FACE!

The Flexijet FACE 3D measurement software offers an intuitive user interface and numerous editing functions for efficient and structured measuremens, organized in 3D folders as well as 2D sections. Multiple output formats allow for easy transfer of measurement information into your planning software.

Original view of facade measurement with total station
Measurement drawing in Flexijet Face 3D measurement software
Surface Go with FlexijetFACE drawing

Scope of delivery

Flexijet FACE is a complete system consisting of:

Flexijet FACE 3D measurement software

(1 workplace license)

Heavy NEDO aluminum tripod

incl. tripod star, for a safe stand

Leica iCB50 5“ R500, iCON Total station

Angular precision 5“, with original Leica accessories:
• GVP729 Device case for iCB50/70
• 2 × GEB331 Battery – internal Li-Ion 11.1 V, 2800 mAh
• MS1 USB Memory Stick 1 GB
• GDF301 Tripod without optical plummet
• GPR105 Flat prism
• GLS115 Mini reflector pole BASIC
• Leica iCB50/70 Manual, multilingual
• GKL311 Prof. 3000 Single charger
• GEV192 AC/DC power supply for GKL112/311 EU
• Software Leica iCON Build plus on Board

To run the software you need a standard Windows tablet (e.g. Surface Go/Pro), or a notebook/laptop.