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Flexijet Stairbox – reduces the workload of craftsmen!

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The new electronic step measuring system

The Flexijet Stairbox is a step measuring system that allows you to create exact CAD staircase dimensions in a fraction of the time you would normally need.

The  “Measurement drawing” of individual step contours directly into the staircase software makes step measurement “child’s play”.

The Stairbox measurement unit detects the measurement coordinates of the measuring tip with very high accuracy and then transmits them via Bluetooth connection to the netbook with the Stairbox software. The determined step parameters are displayed in real time in the software, which allows an immediate visual control – forgotten or erroneous measurements and transposed numbers are thus a thing of the past.


The Stairbox measuring device is permanently mounted on the stop bracket and rotatable on it.


The extendable measuring tip, recommended measuring range up to approx. 1.5 meters in each direction (maximum extension 5 meters).

The Flexijet staircase provides two types of measurement:

Point Measurement

Punktmessung mit der StairboxThe point measurement is particularly suitable for angular step shapes.
Here you mark only individual corner points, which are connected with straight lines. Position of the leading edge and protrusion are calculated automatically.


Konturmessung mit der StairboxTo measure complex, angled or round step shapes, contour measurement is available. With this type of measurement, the position of the measuring tip is continuously recorded.

You can combine both types of measurement at any time to capture every step shape, no matter how complex, in just a few seconds. Measurements that used to take hours can be done within a few minutes, in a simple and high-precision manner using the Flexijet Stairbox System.

The Stairbox staircase software

– fast, error-free and efficient work!

The intuitively operated Stairbox software records all relevant project data. Thus, number and type of steps, as well as specific dimensions such as riser height and nose or side overhang as well as material can be selected.

The course of the measured staircase is immediately displayed as a 2D model for your visual evaluation. For quick data exchange with your production department, the Flexijet Stairbox provides the data exchange format “DXF” for transfer to a CAD application. In addition, the course of the measured steps can also be created as a PDF file.

You can also perform an immediate revision of the measured steps in the Stairbox software during the measurement process. The individual step elements can be individually adjusted by moving, adding or deleting measuring points. All edge lengths and angles are displayed and your changes are updated immediately. Also, edge properties of individual step elements can be individually adapted and are visibly displayed immediately.

If desired, you can also manually create step elements by direct entry of the dimensions and insert them seamlessly into the Flexijet Stairbox measurement. This creates a quick measurement with the greatest possible reliability!

The Stairbox software immediately provides in 3D Mode all entered project data as a three-dimensional sketch.

The Stairbox software immediately provides in 3D Mode all entered project data as a three-dimensional sketch.

The Stairbox Hardware

All system components are stored in the practical Stairbox case and can be ready for immediate use.

(Netbook not included)


Stairbox staircase software


Stairbox measuring unit


Bluetooth stick


Remote Control


Batteries & Charger


Measurement assistant

Scope of delivery

Flexijet Stairbox – Version staircase consisting of:

Flexijet Stairbox measuring device
2D-step measuring system on
permanently mounted stair angle

Flexijet Stairbox carrying case
with accessories

  • Remote control with replacement battery MN27
  • Charger with 4 × AA battery
  • Bluetooth dongle
  • Surveying aid

Stairbox software version Staircase Builder
on USB stick

  • 1 workplace license
  • incl. Master data management
  • DXF data output
  • PDF logs
  • PDF stencil printing

Laptop or tablet PC are not included.