Flexijet Electronics Insurance

The Flexijet Electronics Insurance
– You are always on the safe side with the Flexijet comprehensive insurance protection!

In the event of theft, damage or destruction.

Customers with our Flexijet service contract have a double savings – they enjoy a price advantage for Flexijet electronics insurance.

For the pricing and the request of the Flexijet electronics insurance please contact our distributor for your region.

Which risks are insured?

Fire, lightning, explosionWithout deductible
Tap water, storm, hailWithout deductible
Burglary, robbery10 % deductible of the total damage amount (min. € 500)
Negligence, clumsiness€ 500
Overcurrent, induction, short circuit€ 500
Malicious acts committed by third party, sabotage, vandalism€ 500

Area of validity

Insurance cover can only be taken out for customers whose registered office is in an EU member state.

What will be replaced in the event of a claim?

Basically, the damage is regulated on a replacement value basis (repair costs, replacement procurement).

The amount of the compensation is limited to the current value if:

  • no replacement or repair is desired
  • no standard-made spare parts are available and the current value is less than 25% of the replacement value