Flexijet Service Contract

The Flexijet Service Contract
– System and Application support for our customers

Hardware service, software maintenance, training and system support – at a budget price!

Get the best performance of your Flexijet through regular audits and maintenance and stay up-to-date on software. Plus, you’ll benefit from our phone and mail support, the training flatrate, and other benefits – at a fixed annual price!

Compliance with measurement accuracy through annual cleaning, maintenance, calibration and dimensional control!

Maximum service life through annual battery testing, conditioning and replacement (if required)!

Software updates for your Flexijet measurement software and firmware updates for the Flexijet hardware – so you benefit from the latest features!

Basic training for you and your employees.

Discounted annual premium when concluding the Flexijet Electronic Insurance.

Direct telephone and mail support – friendly and competent support instead of expensive hotlines!

Everything with the Flexijet service contract, annually for only € 990 net, plus VAT (= € 1,178.10 gross, incl. 19 % VAT)

Performance and cost comparison of the Flexijet service contract

Costs without Service Contractwith Service Contract
Annual maintenance, cleaning & calibration€ 249 net, plus VAT
(= € 296.31 gross, incl. 19 % VAT)
Battery testing, conditioning and exchange (if required)€ 249 net, plus VAT
(= € 296.31 gross, incl. 19 % VAT)
Updates for licensed FlexiCAD version and firmware updates for Flexijet hardware€ 890 net, plus VAT
(= € 1,059.10 gross, incl. 19 % VAT)
Flatrate for Flexijet 3D Basic TrainingPer training: € 399 net, plus VAT
(= € 474.81 gross, incl. 19 % VAT)
Flexijet electronics insurancePer year: € 299 gross, incl. insurance taxPer year: € 99 gross, incl. insurance tax
Direct contact to the supportpricelessincluded

How can you request the Flexijet service contract?

Just contact us at office@flexijet.info. We will then send you a prepared contract!